SerajEnergy is incorporated with our international partner and Iranian government, with a commitment to provide world class training in the fields of solar technology. We are totally focused in providing top quality training and development services, which would take you to next level of performance. Our commitment to deliver top quality services is supported by our team of professional trainers who specialize in their respective fields. Our mission is to give top notch training which would help the trainee to have an in-depth knowledge about the program.

We endeavor to give companies and students the skills they need to succeed in a sustainable knowledge economy. Utilizing an interdisciplinary curriculum, our professional team provides students the necessary education and training for careers in energy technology, policy & sustainable knowledge economy.

Environmental education is essential for a growing population faced with finite resource and serious environmental issues. SerajEnergy was established with an objective of bridging the gap between the skills required for green, energy efficient, sustainable knowledge economies and the currently available resource.

Global faculty

To train, SerajEnergy has brought together a unique faculty from across the globe. These global faculties educate students through the courses, and additionally incorporates a global perspective on the energy, environment and sustainability issues affecting the world. Renewable energy course enables students and professors to interact with each other, although hundreds of miles away.

A certificate program is a great option for recent college graduates who want to supplement their education, as well as working professionals who want to advance their careers. SerajEnergy offers “Design, Installation and Commissioning of Photovoltaic System” certificate.

For more information on the course itself, just scroll down and you can see a full course program, session by session.

Course Structure and Contents

  • Course Focus


The course focuses on enhancing the skills in designing Solar Photovoltaic System

      • Exposure to the state of the art industry standards and design tools and competency building on SPV plant design
      • Installation and Commissioning procedures related to Solar Photovoltaic plant.
  • Frame work

The course structure would be 100 hours with one programme spreading over almost 3 weeks. The final schedule is dependent on the progress made during the course.

The course will cover the following topics:

      • Overview of Industry and systems (8hrs.)
        • Overview of Industry, Scenario and Policies
        • Overview of solar systems
      • Principles and Technologies (4hrs.)
      • Design of Grid Connected Systems (20hrs.)
      • Case study of grid connected systems (8hrs.)
      • Design and case study of off-grid systems (16hrs.)
      • Installation, Commissioning and Engineering Practices (8hrs.)
      • Project Management (8hrs.)
        • Project Financials
      • Experiments (12hrs.)
      • Entrepreneur Awareness (4hrs.)
      • Group Discussion – On a chosen topic (6hrs.)
      • Site Visit (6hrs-if)

Required Information

Our highly team need to know the nature of training course or workshop to bring best qualify presentation as per it. For example, these training course can include of students with different background or particular engineering degree or it can be people from core industry which need to use this training workshop for implementation of it during their job or tasks.

  • Eligibility
      • 12+2 equivalent (Science/Engineering) or Diploma in Electrical/ Mechanical/ Instrumentations/ Electronics Engineering with 1-year industrial experience.


      • Graduates in Electrical/ Mechanical/ E&TC/ Electronics/ Production/ instrumentation/ Physics/ Electronic Science.


      • Equivalent
  • Duration
      • The duration of the course can adjust for 3 Weeks.


      • Equivalent to 100 Lecture hours.
  • Material

In the end of every unit and sessions all the PPT and Pdf notes which covered by lecturers will email to all participant for their understanding and use.