The process of establishing insurance policies begins with developers or project owners identifying the risk that they need or want to cover. This can be done with the help of our consultants have extensive sustainable energy experience worldwide.

Investors look for an insurance policy or set of policies that clearly transfers identified risk to a third party (the insurance underwriter). Lenders look to the project and its revenue stream as the collateral against the project debt.

Investments in PV are often viewed underwriters as quite risky for two main reasons: the technologies are newer (i.e., most systems do not have a long history of operational data) and there are fewer installations relative to other technology deployments. Insurers use the” law of large numbers,” which says that the larger the group of units insured, the more accurate “the predictions of loss will be”.

Within the type of insurance companies provide, most insurance companies products are generic and similar, and therefore are not easily adapted to provide protection for renewable energy technologies. However, industry- specialist advisors work with renewable energy product manufacturers, facility developers, and projects finance clients to create unique product offerings and the necessary underwriting support that are not well protected by traditional insurance. The goal of SerajEnergy is to strategically partner with clients and provide innovative, responsive, and cost effective solutions that mitigate the risk and uncertainty of renewable energy systems.