Successful projects are the result of clear vision, careful planning, and meticulous execution. SerajEnergy’s risk advisory services practice works with clients proactively to manage risk through the creation of sound internal controls. Our professionals have a deep understanding of industry issues, and provide guidance to public and private companies alike – from startups up to commissioning.

Project planning and management, installation and the operation of ever large PV power plants present new challenges to the planners, investors and bankers alike. The larger the plant, the more likely it is that the proposed solar plants profitability, rather than the clients credit standing, will be the deciding factor that determines whether or not the bank will finance the project.  The profitability of the installation plays a decisive role in terms of project financing, while the investor’s credit standing hardly comes into questions at all.

Independent of vendors and other third parties, we work with you to:

  • Uncover hidden risks
  • Advise and educate project teams
  • Ensure project liability and attention to best practices
  • Pre and post implementation reviews
  • Data migration reviews and validation
  • Protect project investment
  • Reduce risk to ongoing business

We have the people, the knowledge, the methodologies, the tools to help you minimize, mitigate, manage and ultimately overcome project risks.

Our professionals support our clients in an effort to prevent further escalation with more services including: