Operation & maintenance


SerajEnergy follows more than globally accepted O&M practices for maintaining the power plants. We follow a strict preventive maintenance schedule covering periodic PV array performance checkups, daily checkup of transformers and perform periodic cleaning of modules as per site conditions.

As part of our operation and maintenance service scope, we perform the visual inspection of all plant components for mechanical damage, verification of protective measure according to valid regulations, functional checks of all protective and safety installations, measuring devices and the measurement data transmission system, periodic PV module cleaning, preparation of detailed maintenance report, remote monitoring and performance analysis of PV plant, String Test and calibration of sensors, SCADA, Monitoring systems.

Alternative energies provide safe and sustainable investment opportunities. Since wind and solar energy are based on power purchase agreements that run for up to twenty years, it is vital that renewable electricity facilities remain efficient and viable over the long term.  To support these long term projects, operation & maintenance activities at the very heart of renewable energy business model is crucial in order retain complete control over the achieving maximum output.

Contrary to particular belief that in comparison with most other power generating technologies, PV plants have low maintenance and servicing requirements, is a thing of past. Undetected failures and small issues impact the overall operations of the system, which leads to lost revenue and lower energy generation compounding with each undetected, unmanaged issue. Many issues emerging during the O&M phase strongly related to the upstream phases of the project lifecycle (sitting, development, design and etc.) and may have very significant effects on the downstream phase (performance).

In particular, suitable planning, supervision and quality assurance activities are critical at all stages of the PV plant in order to minimize the risk of damages and outage, optimize the use of warranties, avoid dilution of resources and ultimately improve the overall performance of the renewable energy plant.

SerajEnergy’s team provides a broad range of operation and maintenance services for renewable energy projects. We address in a timely manner typical following potential failures:

  • Perimeter Fence Damage
  • Ground Erosion
  • Transformer Leakage
  • Various Inverter Damage
  • Broken Conduit
  • Combiner Box Damage
  • Vegetation Overgrowth
  • Cell Browning/Discoloring
  • Panel Shading
  • Shorted Cell
  • Natural Damage
  • Vandalism Damage
  • Defective Tracker
  • Racking Erosion
  • Animal Nuisance

Apart from that, we provide in this area services which include of:

  • Scheduled maintenance like:
    • Module cleaning
    • Checking module connection integrity
    • Checking junction/ string combiner boxes
    • Thermo graphic detection of faults
    • Inverter Servicing
    • Inspection mechanical integrity of mounting structures
    • Vegetation Control
    • Routine balance of plant servicing/ inspection
  • Unscheduled maintenance
    • Tightening cable connections that have loosened
    • Replacing blown fuses
    • Repairing lighting damage
    • Repairing equipment damaged by intruders or during module cleaning
    • Rectifying supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) faults.

cleaning of solar plant

Operation and maintenance of solar plant