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Solar plants are just like football, only the result counts. And the SerajEnergy is the champion that can make the difference. Our team have the ability to give you accurate and careful result.

Utility scale solar projects can cost millions of dollars, which puts added focus on increasing the accuracy of the resource assessment to reduce project risk. Variation in the solar resource projection (supply risk) contribute 5-17% uncertainty to a project’s energy risk profile, more than any other source of energy uncertainty.

Until recently, solar project measurement consisted primarily of resource measurement methodologies based on satellite data to evaluate solar irradiance. This methodology produced resource projections with uncertainty of more than 10%. Errors in the solar radiation measurements can significantly impact upon the return on investment for solar projects. With multi megawatt solar projects now becoming the norm, industry experts maintain this methodology is no longer adequate. We in SerajEnergy use highly experience and professional experts and tools to reduce this uncertainty.

We draw upon our expertise in the financial aspects of solar farm development, combined with our world-leading technical and environmental expertise, to reduce the development and planning risks and to help ensure that at the end of the development process, you have a consented and financially viable solar energy project.