SerajEnergy’s implementation team provides industry leading project managers, individually qualified and accredited by the Association of Project Management (APM) to ensure successful project delivery. We take cares of all technical tasks worldwide. Around the clock, our team of experts have monitored over 200 MWp of PV facilities, including those designed by SerajEnergy, as well as by our partner.

The generation of electrical power from sunlight is almost wear-free and very little maintenance is required. Continuous monitoring of each power unit is still advised to prevent avoidable yield losses. Also Secure, timely and cost effective supply of raw materials is the back bone of any industry, it is not only increases the efficiency of the production process but rationalizes raw material in inventory and finally economic of project. The long life of renewable energies requires professional management.

The contractual service agreements are designed to provide flexible and optimum care for your plant. Our dedicated staff supports predictable performance at all times. Remote power plant monitoring, regular inspections which include visual and function checks, cleaning service, on-site support in the event of fault and detailed maintenance reports are integral parts of the continual monitoring and management we offer.

Each of the following services can be tailored as per your requirements:

  • Planning phase
    • Advice when selecting components
    • Review of installation design
    • Shading analysis, grid connection approval, yield assessment
    • Help in obtaining construction permits
    • Review of quotations
    • Assessment of economic efficiency
  • Construction phase
    • Inspection and testing of received goods
    • Inspection of components
    • Measurement of module output, insulation testing
    • Inspection of construction progress
    • Performance testing and measurements for approval
  • Operational phase
    • Visual installation inspection
    • Thermography
    • Sample measurements
    • Insulation testing
    • Defect detection, analysis and assessment of damage
  • Monitoring
    • Technical management and operation
    • Performance monitoring
    • Yield analysis and preparation of operational reports