Owner’s Engineer also known as Client’s Engineer, Lender’s Engineer or Independent Engineer.

Plans developed over many years can end up cancelled when the stubborn obstacles of approval or financing become insurmountable, leaving plant owners in a tough spot. Even in the best-case scenarios, the maze of complex and interrelated tasks required to take a project from concept to start-up can seem overwhelming.

At SerajEnergy our highly qualified renewable energy engineers ensure on avoiding design errors and keeping the project on schedule to deliver on time and to the best standard from start to finish.

Owner’s engineer services include assistance with:

  • Planning phase
    • Advice when selecting components
    • Review of installation design
    • Shading analysis, grid connection approval, yield assessment
    • Help in obtaining construction permits
    • Review of quotations
    • Assessment of economic efficiency
  • Construction phase
    • Inspection and testing of received goods
    • Inspection of components
    • Measurement of module output, insulation testing
    • Inspection of construction progress
    • Performance testing and measurements for approval
  • Operational phase
    • Visual installation inspection
    • Thermography
    • Sample measurements
    • Insulation testing
    • Defect detection, analysis and assessment of damage
  • Monitoring
    • Technical management and operation
    • Performance monitoring
    • Yield analysis and preparation of operational reports