An integrated and focused approach to Mechanical engineering helps you create more cost-competitive solar designs that can be optimized for specific locations.

Design and quality assessments

With a design that focuses on standardization, optimization and grid integration, we build solutions that perfectly match our clients’ demands and the world energy needs. Designed with the aims of saving resources, fast construction and reliable operation.

Manufacturer visit and assessment

The long-term yield stability, operational safety and thus investment security of a photovoltaic system are primarily dependent on the longevity and reliability of the modules and system technology used. These qualities are examined in complex test procedure as laid down in industry standards or technical guidelines. Test certificates and additional quality marks provide evidence that module meets the necessary requirements.

An audit helps to validate the results of various modules test and estimate the risk of project when assessing manufacturers. Our team supplements the detailed assessment with visits to the manufacturer to check critical aspects such as:

  • PV design, manufacture and inspection
  • Component specification, supply and testing
  • Capability, capacity and state of manufacturing facilities
  • Capability and capacity for regional operational support
  • Implementation of quality management arrangements.

Such quality testing can involve different levels of complexity and cost, from visual checks and performance measurements to electroluminescence and thermal imaging. The purpose of testing is always to safeguard the anticipated long-term yield and minimize the risks of technical failure.