SerajEnergy electrical engineering team ensures that the plant remains in peak shape and produce reliable power during its operational life, thereby stabilizing cash flow. The greater the output a solar farm feeds into the grid, the more important protection against grid failure becomes. We realize photovoltaic solutions with a degree of almost 99% vertical integration along the value chain.

Grid connection support

Achieving grid connection and grid code compliance is absolutely key in delivering most projects and we have experience in developing and optimising design of electrical systems to meet technical and quality requirements, enhancing our client’s project revenue and reducing risks. Some of our services include:

  • Grid connection application process management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Assessment of grid connection conditions including location, capacity and any potential reinforcements that may be required
  • Review of grid connection agreements and designs including any associated transmission/distribution system reinforcements proposed by connection utilities
  • Negotiation of connection agreements and connection conditions with utilities
  • Assessment of benefits and risks of contestable and non-contestable connections
  • Management of utility activities associated with grid connections e.g. wayleaves, planning applications, reinforcement works
  • Construction monitoring support
  • Liaison with DNOs and transmission companies to achieve timely connection.

Power quality monitoring

The measurement and analysis of current and voltage performance over periods of time is important as this can provide evidence of compliance to grid connection conditions or assessment of potential issues such as harmonic distortion, voltage instability etc.