A technical due diligence assessment serves to analyze the strength and weakness of a project, as well as evaluation its risk and estimate its economic value. The study and analysis particularly focuses on technical and material defects that stand in the way of a project being realized or being profitable. SerajEnergy technical due diligence capabilities are wide ranging and comprehensive, supporting some of the most technically complex and challenging renewable energy financing deals in the world.

We believe every kilowatt hour counts, because only kilowatt hours that are fed into the grid or privately consumed are remunerated. It is therefore necessary to thoroughly monitor operational data. A plant’s operator can only take rapid measures to eliminate operational faults and failures where these are signaled immediately. Merely reading the feed in meter each month is not sufficient to recognize faults promptly and to avoid the loss of yields. Constant measurements are therefore necessary to ensure optimal operation.

Our technical due diligence services include:

  • System planning
    • Yield forecast
    • Plant layout
    • Inclination and alignment of modules
    • Ground survey
    • Distance from feed in point
    • Number of feed in points
    • Grid capacity
  • Specification and selection of components
  • Technology assessments
  • Civil and electrical design assessments
  • Tenders and order placement
  • Technical quality management
  • Operation monitoring and safety
  • Manufactures’ and installers’ guarantees and warranties
  • Creditworthiness of suppliers
  • Theft and vandalism protection
    • Fencing and circuit television
  • Cost of maintenance and land management
    • Mowing and pruning