If it is later discovered that additional investment is needed for grid feed in, this can become very costly and jeopardize for the entire project. SerajEnergy use cost models which are populated with reliable figures for performance of financial due diligence.

The cash flow, taxes and debt services are used as basis for evaluating profitability, which is the deciding factor in granting loans or private capital.

Bill of material audit is also a critical step in ensuring PV plant durability and reliability. This involves benchmarking the quality of installed components with our internally developed metrics and PV audit experience around the globe.

Our financial assessments include:

  • Required investments (CAPEX)
  • Costs for the property and yields from any future sale
  • Expected Solar yield
  • Costs for operation and maintenance (OPEX)
  • Liquidity reserves
  • Insurance
  • Production of auditable financial models
  • Costs for dismantling and recycling the plant after the end of its service life