SerajEnergy has developed a comprehensive method to evaluate the plant performance along with technical, commercial and environmental due diligence assessments across all of these areas.

By placing your trust in SerajEnergy, you are forming a partnership with an experienced and well respected company, thereby lying a solid foundation for your investment. We will draft again a detailed site plan and shading analysis for your project and plant to calculate your accurate potential yield.

Nowhere in the world, are a number of plants installed in one location and their generation data made available. When solar radiation and energy generation profiles of these plants are analyzed over a period of 1 year, a wide variation in their performance is observed, indicating ample scope for improvement.

A considerable number of large grid connected power plants are reporting poor performance due to known or unknown reasons. Many developers and investors are desperate to improve their power plant performance but failed to understand the reason for underperformance, which is not merely related to regular operation and maintenance issues.

SerajEnergy take the next step of studies and evaluating the PV and Inverter technologies employed in these plants, the performance trends specific to location, environment and technology that can be analyzed.

Our due diligence services include: