We are taking on serious and growing energy challenges with innovative energy solutions. At SerajEnergy, our scientists and engineers work tirelessly to bring this reliable and limitless recourse to more of the world’s people, more efficiently. From clients’ assistant to design and development of large scale solar projects, our knowledge is comprehensive while our commitment is unparalleled. When it comes to solar energy, you might say we are up it.

SerajEnergy’s superior quality design ensures the highest energy yields and performance. You can be sure to achieve the best possible return, no matter whether you invest in modules, balance of plant, turnkey solution or EPC service. With our solar consultants design you will enjoy exceptional yields and returns.

SerajEnergy provides an in depth analysis of:

  • Technical characteristics
  • Quality standards
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Compatibility with system design
  • Expected degradation and reliability
  • Warranties

Pre-contract assessments

Our team know the critical terms required to protect the owner and for acceptance by the banks as well as the terms that are not worth pursuing.

Assessment of the environmental performance of renewable energy

Regardless of the nature of the consulting assignment we work on to provide impartial expert advice to our clients. We attempt hard towards delivering outstanding environmental and grid connection design to our clients to ensure they benefit from the profitable development of renewable energy projects. It provides an understanding of the relative environmental impacts of various electrical power sources and identifies knowledge gaps, essential information for development of sound energy policy and allocation of funds to strategic research priorities.