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Feasibility Study for Multi-Megawatt Scale Solar Photovoltaic Plant

Best practical handbook for developer, investors and engineers

The methodology of feasibility study of solar PV plants with most accurate prediction of energy yields is missed in the literature. So planning for installation of a photovoltaic plant needs meticulous analysis of many aspects including solar resource, choice of components, land, logistics and transportation, power evacuation plan etc. This book will act like a template for engineering of multi-megawatt size solar photovoltaic power plant. In the initial stages of project progress, a prefeasibility assessment of sites is considered in i) Prefeasibility phase- which includes specific sites evaluation to determine whether it will be suitable for development; ii) Feasibility phase- which includes the scenario that the sites have been selected for actual project implementation. This book addresses due diligence by detailed analysis on the chosen project site; which involves investment and cost effectiveness analysis during life of project. This wonderful book is a best practical handbook for developers, investors and Engineers who want detail knowledge of methodology for feasibility study.